United to Conquer Sickle Cell Disease

About the Sickle Cell Disease Coalition

The Sickle Cell Disease Coalition (SCDC) was formed to amplify the voice of the sickle cell disease (SCD) stakeholder community to improve outcomes for individuals with SCD. Its membership includes public health, research, and provider organizations, patient groups, faith-based organizations, federal agencies*, industry representatives, and foundations.


New approaches in managing this disease have improved diagnosis and supportive care over the last few decades, but many patients still have severe complications to overcome. The future of care for SCD patients will be dependent on advanced and highly targeted approaches to research, discovery, and implementation of proven and new interventions. To ensure that patients with SCD receive state-of-the-art care, there is a need for the SCD stakeholder community to use multi-disciplinary and coordinated efforts to produce the greatest impact. A multi-agency approach would deliver advances faster, more economically, and more efficiently to patients suffering from this debilitating disease in the United States and around the world.

*Federal agency representatives will not participate in SCDC discussions related to advocacy.

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The status quo is unacceptable & we are setting out to change it. Join us to #ConquerSCD! www.scdcoalition.org

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