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Membership is limited to national and international organizations with an interest in sickle cell disease. Organizations interested in joining the SCDC are asked to confirm the group’s membership by completing the form below.

If you are an individual, we encourage you to learn more about ways you can get involved.

Please contact the SCDC Coordinator to request additional information.

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*Identify the priority areas that your organization is currently working on or is interested in working on.

Every SCDC member is asked to join one SCDC working group that aligns with their organization’s priorities; the opportunity to participate in a second group is an option, but not a requirement. These work groups provide an opportunity for members to hear about their respective areas of interest, and more importantly to advance items or projects within those categories. Please indicate which working group(s) your organization/company would like to join.

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The status quo is unacceptable & we are setting out to change it. Join us to #ConquerSCD! www.scdcoalition.org

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