United to Conquer Sickle Cell Disease


Do I have any eye damage from sickle cell disease?

What is my dental (teeth) evaluation?

How well are my lungs are working?

What is my cardiac (heart) evaluation?

Are my kidneys working properly?

Do I have silent strokes?

What is my immunization status?

Who is on my current primary care health team?

What are my current medications?

What are the most important components of my medical history (surgeries, life-threatening medical complications, knowledge about challenges with blood transfusion therapy)?

  • Hydroxyurea (indications, outcomes, side effects)
  • Other treatments (present, future)
  • Blood transfusions (indications, side effects)
  • Transplant (indications, outcomes, side effects) 

How does my sickle cell disease affect my risk for sexual infections?

How could my sickle cell disease affect my chance to have children?

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