United to Conquer Sickle Cell Disease

The Current State

Currently, there are not enough health care providers with the comprehensive knowledge and expertise to care for people with SCD.

The unpredictable and often persistent nature of the pain and other complications associated with SCD poses a difficult challenge for providers, especially for those unfamiliar with treating people with this disease.

73% of family physicians believe that more education and support tools would help avoid complications in managing SCD.

69% of family physicians report that clinical decision support tools would be useful for treating SCD.

Only 20% of family physicians report feeling comfortable treating people with SCD.

Long-term goals:

  • Create incentives for training and retention in benign hematology.

Why it matters

The lack of available specialized providers (e.g., hematologists) plays a significant role in an over-reliance on emergency departments care for some individuals with SCD, especially adults.
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